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Long Island Randalls
The Descendants of
Stephen Randall (1736-1818)
Elizabeth Swezey (1747-1834)
of Ridge, Long Island

Stonington, CT from whence young Stephen and his father, Samuel, left in 1738
to establish the Randall settlement at Ridge, Long Island
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This site is dedicated to the descendants of Stephen Randall, born in Stonington, CT in 1736 and an early settler of Long Island, NY.

Stephen was a fourth generation American. His great grandfather, John Randall, immigrated to Westerly, Rhode Island from Bath, England in 1667. He was only two when he and his father settled in Ridge, Long Island. His descendants, numbering over 1,500 are widely dispersed throughout the country, but their roots lie in Long Island.

Please take a few minutes to explore the tidbits of history that we have uncovered so far.

It is hoped that this site will serve as a "time capsule" for future generations of Long Island Randalls to examine, enjoy and hopefully continue.
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10 Oct 2013
Family Celebrities
Civil War Stories
13 Oct 2013
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The Early Generations (1 thru 5)
Video Downloads
A history of the early generations from John Randall, Generation 1, through the children of Stephen Randall, Generation 5.
The following videos are available at this web site at no cost. The videos are in AVI format. Contact us if you prefer a different format.
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                            John Jr. Randall Father of Freeport

Burial Markers Organized by Cemetery
This 15 minute "History Channel" type video presents a brief history of Freeport, NY between the years 1885 to 1925. It tells how John Jay transformed this quiet town of 500 people to a thriving community of 20,000.
Descendants of Jehiel W. Randall
Jehiel (1813 - 1879) is the head of a unique branch of the LI Randalls. Most of his progeny have descended on the town of Freeport, NY and claimed it as their own. We have a wonderful collection of photos, news clippings, etc. to make this an entertaining presentation.
Midwestern Randalls
Eugene W. Randall was part of the early western migration from Long Island to the Great Frontier. He established a dynasty of Randalls throughout the northern midwestern states.
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Shoe Box Photos
Long Island Randall Genealogy
The Shoebox is a collection of historical Randall photos similar to the shoebox full of photos that is collecting dust in your attic. We know they are important, but their story is incomplete.

Our objective, with your help, is to remove these pictures from the Shoebox and place them in proper scrapbooks that tell us who these people were, their strengths, their frailties, and how they may have shaped our lives.
This 1,500 LI Randall Genealogy, presented in book format is available at no cost for those who have MS Excel. for the die hard genealogist, it allows you to perform a variety of information retrieval functions.

The handbook features a sortable index
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Demonstration Video
A Family Gathering
In September, 1929, 55 descendants of Ezra Bruce Randall (1852 - 1916) and his widow, Anna Isabella Horton (1857 - 1934) gathered to honor these two people.
This YouTube video demonstrates the ins and outs of the above spreadsheet.
The La Masa Bloodline
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Relatives of Philip Joseph Randall (Stockhausen) can view his maternal bloodline to get a complete picture of their Family Tree.
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Source Material
The genealogical history presented at this site is based on the following sources, some of which are available for download.
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If you have siblings or children, we would be delighted if you would include similar information for them to expand our family tree and keep it current..
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Please help to enrich this site by sharing your historicl photographs, stories, newspaper clippings, etc. with us. Upon receipt, we will present your contributions in an entertaining format such as the shows listed above.

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Stephen Randall of Ridge, NY
Elizabeth Swayze of Ridge, NY
John Randall of Stonington, Ct
John Randall of Westerly, RI
Randalls of Long Island, NY
Randalls of Ridge, NY
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